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Branding Is Personal

19 Nov Branding Is Personal

What is your brand?  Do you know?
The fact is that everyone has a brand, whether they like it or not.

Your brand is the messages that you send out consistently.  It is the impressions that you make when you walk into a room, when you speak on the phone or even write an email.  Every interaction with you leaves an impression.

What matters is whether you are in control of it.  If you asked five friends would they say the same things about you?  Would they use the same words?

What if I asked random people you know, would the answers be the same?

Now consider the same questions in your business.  How are you perceived by the world around you?  Most importantly, how are you seen by your target market?  Is the message consistent?

A brand is…  consistent in its quality, in every interaction, in its message.  Know your core values, beliefs and most importantly message, and you have yourself a brand you can present to the world.

Be known for what you do best, not what you do worst.

Andy Brough
Andy Brough

Founder of Andy Brough and The Marketing Creative. Andy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to look their best online and connect with their audience. He consults with a broad range of business owners to take them from behind the scenes to standing out.

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